Disclosure of information

Information about the financial institution
EDRPOU code: 37878674
Short name: «FC «PAY CENTER», LLC
First and Last name of chief: Nataliia Zakharenko
City: Kharkiv
Postcode: 61057
Address: St. Rymarska, 21-А
The series, the number, and the issue date of the certificate of the state registration
Join Date: 14.11.2011
Certificate series:  –
Certificate number: 14801020000051694
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We are members of Payment systems
Name of the Payment System Information about the Payment System Registration Date
EDRPOU code 35075436,
Location: 01042, Kyiv, ave. Novopecherskyi, bldg. 5
phone: +38 (067) 322 55 93
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EDRPOU code 39859339,
Location: 01042, Kyiv, ave. Novopecherskyi, bldg. 5
phone: +38 (073) 505 57 57
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The procedure (conditions) for transferring funds

To ensure the proper provision of financial services for transferring funds, «FC «PAY CENTER», LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Company) establishes the following procedure for performing functional duties:

1) ensure acceptance of cash from Payers in national currency for the purpose of transferring funds and payment of the transfer amount to the Recipient in non-cash form;

2) provide services to Payers through self-service terminals located at public transport stops in Kharkiv, in the lobbies of the Kharkiv subway and pedestrian crossings of the MUNICIPAL ENTERPRISE “PIDZEMNE MISTO”;

3) Payers and Recipients shall be serviced on the basis of a money transfer agreement;

4) the company shall ensure control over the payment capacity and authenticity of banknotes (coins) during the acceptance and processing of cash by a responsible employee in accordance with the Rules for determining payment features and exchange of banknotes, change and circulating coins of the national currency of Ukraine, approved by the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine № 134 dated 03.12.2018;

5) banknotes (coins) solvency is determined during the organization of banknote processing in an automated manner using the criteria for assessing the quality of banknote sorting, which are set out in the Instruction on Conducting Cash Transactions by Banks in Ukraine, approved by Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine № 103 dated 25.09.2018;

6) when accepting cash from Payers, the Company shall ensure

  • determination of authenticity and solvency of banknotes (coins);
  • mandatory acceptance of cash at the initiative of the Payer;
  • documenting cash acceptance operations;
  • timely reflection of cash transfer transactions in the accounting records;
  • proper internal control over money transfer operations;
  • cash collection;
  • creating safe conditions for cash handling and storage.

7) ensuring consideration and resolution of conflicts and disputes in accordance with the laws of Ukraine;

8) providing information services to Payers and Recipients and providing them with consulting assistance on the terms and conditions specified in the Rules, regulations of the PS and money transfer agreements;

9) ensure reflection of information on each cash acceptance transaction for further transfer and settlements between payment system participants or payment system participants with Recipients in the accounting system of the payment organization of the IPS and in the automation system of the bank servicing the Company/settlement bank of the payment system on the same business day (in case of initiation of cash transfer by the Payer during the operating time) or no later than the next business day (in case of initiation of cash transfer after the end of the operating time).

10) provide information on the name and location of the Company and the name of the payment system, telephone number of the help desk, e-mail address, operating hours of the self-service terminal, terms of crediting funds to the Recipients in a place accessible to customers or on the monitor of the self-service terminal;

11) after the transaction (including using the self-service terminal), provide a cash document (receipt/check, etc.) that contains all mandatory details of the cash document in accordance with the requirements of the regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine on conducting cash transactions by banks of Ukraine.

Terms of crediting funds

The terms of crediting funds are determined in the relevant agreements concluded between the enterprise and the recipients of payments.

No later than the 5th (fifth) day from the date of receipt of payment through self-service terminals from payers to the current account of ME«KHARKIVSKYI METROPOLITEN». No later than the next operating day from the date of their crediting to the current account of «FC «PAY CENTER», LLC, according to the contract for the transfer of funds with ME«KHARKIVPASS».

The funds are credited to the payer on the electronic ticket in the self-service terminal instantly online.

Recipients of funds



Payment points for money transfers in the money transfer system

The company does not have any payment points for money transfers.

The procedure for resolving disputes between participants and users of the funds transfer system

1) In order to resolve disputes between participants and users as a result of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations under the terms of the agreements concluded, the parties shall have the right to first request the participants and users with whom the dispute arose and with whom they have contractual relations to obtain the necessary information.

2) The Company shall have the right to obtain any necessary information from the Participants and/or Users, if necessary.

3) The Company, participants, and users who have received a request for the necessary information shall consider this request within 10 days and provide the relevant information (if any).

4) The Company shall establish a commission with the participation of participants to consider and resolve disputes arising between participants and/or users.

5) The Dispute Resolution Commission shall promptly consider the applicant’s request. For this purpose, the commission shall have the right to conduct relevant inspections with the involvement of representatives of the participants and/or users and to receive information from the participants and/or users necessary for making a reasonable decision. If the parties do not agree with the decision made by the dispute resolution commission, they may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction to resolve the dispute, which is competent to consider disputes that may arise between participants and users in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

6) Disputes between participants and/or users should not affect the execution of duly initiated money transfer transactions. If there is a risk of non-fulfillment of a financial transaction as a result of a dispute, the company has the right to decide to fulfill the financial transaction at its own expense.


Information about owners of significant participation:

Dumchev Ievgen, 100% of the company’s authorized capital

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Information about the conditions related to the provision of the payment service. Rules for providing financial payment services for transferring funds without opening an account. Agreement on the provision of payment services for the transfer of funds
Rules for provision of factoring services
Information about the ownership structure
Statistical reporting

The main indicators of the activity of «FC «PAY CENTER», LLC in the provision of financial services, in particular, the volume of financial services provided, liabilities, assets, capital, data on financial performance and other reporting indicators can be found on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine


The procedure for consideration by the provider of financial services of appeals from consumers of financial services
Procedure for working with electronic documents